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VPS Server: Cloud Server


What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual private server. A server is simply a computer that has a dedicated role in a client server architecture, which is to serve responses to requests. The server is virtual in the sense that it is not a physical box, but similar to a virtual machine running on a much larger data centre. The advantage is that these large cloud server providers such as my favourite, DigitalOcean, can provide low cost servers that have incredible power, are extremely fast, provide to a global audience and are versatile in the sense that it is easy to increase the speed of the server when your business grows, in fact a server resize can take just 60 seconds.

SynergySystems and your VPS Cloud Server

To be clear, we do not host the servers ourselves. We use DigitalOcean as our primary VPS provider. If you have the skills required to manage, administer and secure your own server then I recommend you use DigitalOcean. If however you lack the time or simply do not have the skills to manage, administer and secure a VPS we will gladly maintain a server on your behalf at a mark up. We also consult on the best options to take in terms of hardware of the VPS.

Our VPS Skills

  • Linux Servers: Gentoo, Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Web Servers: Apache and nginx
  • Databases: mySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4js and MongoDB
  • Zimbra Mail Server (Email Server)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Updating and Package Managers
  • Backup
  • Domain Name Servers

We consult, implement and maintain Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or cloud servers for your online web platform or online business service.

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