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Domain Registration

Domain Name Checker

Domain Name Checker created with a combination of code from HelgeSverre and TopDog

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique word that is registered with a top level domain (Tld) that represents a unique location on the internet (ip). As humans we remember names easier than numbers, hence domain names serve as a memorable address and a means for visitors to find your website or e-mail address. As opposed to memorising an IP address. Specifically, a domain is the string that follows the www. portion in a browser's address bar or the @ portion of an e-mail address i.e. or

Should I buy more than 1 domain

Simple answer is no. Google prefers a single point of access. In the case where competitors attempt to poach clients or when clients may mistype your domain (rare as most clients use google to find businesses), it may be advisable to purchase the domains, yet only for domain parking purposes not as another avenue to your main web domain. We have found that a single domain is the best solution and content is king.

Domain Name Registration Prices

TLD Register Renew R80 R80
.com R150 R150
.net R150 R150
.org R150 R150
.biz R150 R150
.info R150 R150
.name R150 R150
.me R350 R350
.mobi R350 R350
.co R350 R350
.cc R350 R350
.capetown R330 R330
.durban R330 R330
.joburg R330 R330
Others P.O.A P.O.A

Whois Privacy Protection

Any registered domain must have contact details of the domain owner as specified by ICANN. You can however employ a whois guard to hide your registration information and personal details not possible on - we will have to register with our details). The additional cost for this is R150.

Nameserver and Domain Name Registration

During the process you will need to specify the name (DNS) servers to use, so that yur domain name will return a response based on your DNS records. Most Domain Name Registration Providers allow free use of their own DNS. Synergy Systems registers the domain on your behalf, sets up the required DNS records for the web server and mail server and we specify the nameservers we use. The Process of Domain Name Registration, DNS record setup and use of our affiliate Name Servers will have a yearly service charge of R250 above the cost of the domain.

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