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We Create and Customise Best Practice Website Development Solutions to Enhance your Business Strategy.

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Website Development Solutions Overview

Web Development Services

Synergy Systems is a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide bespoke end-to-end web-based applications. Our solutions are highly customised to facilitate your business strategy. Creating a custom web-based application or portal transcends just getting your brand out there. Custom web development can align your IT strategy to optimise you workflow and increase efficiency, effectiveness and profit. Synergy Systems leverage current web technology to create business intelligence and crowd sourcing solutions.

Website Development Philosophy

At Synergy Systems, we develop web-based applications with cost, price, time and scope in mind. Our web development methodology is RAD (Rapid Application Development). We make use of tried and tested web development frameworks such as Yii, Zend, Django and Ruby on Rails to create a timely and best fit, customised web development solution. Our services are all encompassing. The limitless nature of web development allows us to almost always fulfill your out-of-the-box ideas and business needs.

Web Development Services:

Our Favourite Rapid Application Development Tools

Web Frameworks

A web development framework creates the scaffolding for a web project.
Frameworks have multiple built-in features that are commonly used in web based projects.

It gives a headstart on the project and makes it easier for developers to create customised solutions. Frameworks decreases the development time.

Our Favourite PHP Frameworks Other Top Rank Frameworks


SQL is short for Structured Query Language. A flexible and ultimately powerful language that when combined with an efficient database can work magic for your business.

. We love analysing, interpreting and reporting on data.

Although NoSQL (MongoDb) are of interest to us, we can't help but thank the inventor of the relatioanl database.



What is Ajax? Ajax is asynchronous communication over http. So what does that mean to you? User Experience.

With Ajax the undesirible trait of a page reload (postback) can be irradicated and your web applications can run smoothly, sometimes where the user can work or play without having to refresh the page ever. A single page applciation

Javascript Frameworks

Open Source

Ask not what the open source community can do for you. But what you can do for the open source community.

Apart from MySQL, jQuery and PHP. The apache web server, the most used web server software in the world is Open Source. Along with nginx, a minimal, yet powerful web server. As well as the Linux Kernel and the GNU Operating System Software.

Important Open Projects:
  • Linux Kernel
  • Git
  • jQuery
  • Apache httpd
  • MySQL
  • And all the others
  • We pay homage

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