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Database Design


Synergy Systems love structured data. Proper planning prevents poor performance. It is imperitive to design your database with the best foundations. If you have ever used excel extensively you know the power that it holds in sorting, finding, organising, calculating and displaying data. If your system has suitable database design, the system will function well, be fast, scalable and maintain data integrity. It can be an excel spreadsheet on caffeine. However it can also be a mess, so it is important to set good foundations for growth along with your company.

Database Philosophy

  • ACID - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability
  • Normalise
  • Structure
  • Spare no expense in planning
  • Record Everything (Log Everything)

We follow all the above guidelines to create elegant and efficient schemas. We are also well versed with MySQL stored Procedures and Triggers, so even when bad database design has plagued you in the past we have the skills to rescue the situation.

Our Database Services

  • Custom Database Design
  • Existing Database Reparation
  • Data Migration
  • Database Optimisation
  • Database Server Consulting

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