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Content Mangement Systems


Content Mangement Systems, are web based applications designed to deliver content on the internet. They facilitate the creation of dynamic websites that are up to date with current trends, follow best practices and are SEO friendly. Users need not be techno savvy to utilise content management systems. Although we recommend basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, anyone that has internet and pc experience, as well as determination can master a Content Mangement System.

The Value of Content Mangement Systems

No need to re-invent the wheel; Content Mangement Systems, when setup and managed with care can engage and interact with you clients. CMS's create a communication channel that is robust, secure and valuable. Content Mangement Systems are full of features and can be chosen based on the target market of your web product. For example if you intend on serving news articles, there are a number of CMS solutions that fit that category. Other uses include: blogging, online catalogue, ecommerce, elearning (LMS: Learning Mangement Systems) and Document Mangement CMS solutions.

Types of CMS

There are various types of Content Mangement Systems available, Synergy Systems Implement and Manage:

Traditional CMS

eCommerce CMS

Jounalism and Newspaper CMS

eLearning CMS (Learning Mangement System)

We consult, implement and maintain your Content Management System to enahance your overall communication effectiveness. So you can focus on providing the service your customers expect.

Our Traditional CMS Packages

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