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Drupal CMS Drupal Website Packages

Drupal CMS Packages

Drupal Content Management System

Drupal balances flexibility and simplicity. That is very difficult in this field because clients often want web solutions suited to their work flows, key success factors and operational efficiencies. However a CMS is often a one-size fits all solution that requires lots of customisation. The increase in customisation increases the complexity of the system so it is difficult for end users. Drupal manages this tradeoff by giving the developer what they want, a framework (headstart) into developing added features and customisations to the system. This allows for development to continue maintaing the structural integrity of the system and a blue print for users to find new features and use them as expected.

Drupal is a content management system that serves a host of functions: design and display, administration, collaboration, organisation, creative content, connectability and extensibility for developers. Drupal uses PHP and MySQL, friends of Synergy Systems.

Synergy Systems Drupal CMS Packages

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