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User Experience Design


The user is very demanding these days. They want a customised, unique and interesting user experience. Otherwise, they move on or bounce. Search engines take user behaviour into account, so if users are not engages and have a pleasant user experience on your website, eventually it will affect the SEO ranking leading to decreased traffic to you website and ultimately your website goals.

What is User Experience (UX) design?

User experience design is the optimisation of the user experience and interaction with the website. This includes and is not limited to: navigation, how intuitive website use is, accessibility of content, size and appearance of links and buttons and other ease of use elements.

User Experience has become intrinsic to keeping users interested and involved. A user will leave a website that is slow, unintuitive, hard to navigate and if the user cannot easily find what he/she wants.

When users don't like the website, after some time search engines will also realise that users do not like the website and the website will not show up in search results. Your website will then not get as much traffic and hence your on-site goals will not be achieved.

How Synergy Systems can Help?

Synergy Systems can improve your website usability. Ww will do a goal asessment, in other words, what you want to achieve with the website. We will then optimise the user experience to try and funnel clients and customers to convert website goals. Those that visit your website are potencial clients and it is important to try and convert potencial clients into actual clients. An enhanced UX design can go along way to improving user perceptions.

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