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Static Website Design


A static website usually consists of content that changes irregularly. The once-off cost to develop static sites are actually higher than dynamic websites, contrary to popular belief. The time it takes to develop static websites is often higher than dynamic (CMS) websites. However, future costs are less as static websites generally do not require time for new pages and maintanance as often.

How Synergy Systems can Help?

This website is our flagship static website. It is simple, easy to navigate, is relatively fast and contains seamless functions to get a quote and newsletter signup and it is very user friendly. The website is also search engine friendly, and it may have impressed you. If so, and you require a similar website please get a quote.

What are the Pros and Cons of Static Website Design


  • Lower Recurring Costs
  • Faster Load Times
  • Cheaper Hosting Costs
  • Developer Independent, you are not locked in to a certain developer
  • Own the code (HTML, CSS, jQuery)


  • Higher Maintenance Costs (Usually R350 per hour)
  • No advanced functionality
  • No user registration
  • Technical assistance is required (You need to know technical skills)

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