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What is responsive design?

Responsive design is the design of a single website, that when viewed from multiple devices changes its layout to best suit that viewport. Multiple devices have different screen sizes, use different platforms and can change orientation. Wide Screen monitors would be shown larger images, multiple columns and more content. Whereas tablet users will be shown smaller images, 1 or 2 columns and less content in their viewport. Mobile phone users will probably be shown smaller images (based on screen size) and a single column of content. Responsive design ensures that content is displayed in the best possible manner for the user, taking into account the screen (viewport) size.

Our Responsive Design Solutions

The number of smart phone users in South Africa sits at 20 million. This statistic places the importance on a responsive website, as many South African users will be viewing on a smaller screen from a mobile device. You need to cater for these small screens, the web design should still be elegant and functional.

Responsive design is sometimes referred to as fluid design.

We deliver timely and smart responsive website designs. Our preferred responsive web design framework is Bootstrap, as it dominates the market, is very simple and classy and it is used and was developed by Twitter.

Take the next step in your business, improve the user experience and cater for multiple devices.

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