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We Don't Do Mobile Website Design


Mobile website design is the creation of a separate website just to work on cell phones and smart phones. We don't do that, unless there is a specific business criterion behind it, or your website traffic demands it. We try to create responsive websites, aligned to our philosophy of keeping it simple. A single website that changes layout to display content in the easiest way. Regardless of viewport (screen) size, it is responsive web design. Some statistics and information about mobile device users in South Africa may help to convince you of the possible business enhancement: A Survey of Emerging Market Internet and Mobile Technology Usage.

How Synergy Systems can Help?

We create responsive websites, that is designing and building websites that adapt to different screen sizes, platforms and orientations. Responsive websites do just that, the layout responds. Switching from a large resolutions monitor, smaller laptop screen, a mobile tablet and mobile phone is a seamless transition and it happens on the same site. No need for redirects to mobile sites.

Our Dynamic Website Design Philosophy

In South Africa the number of individuals accessing the internet from smart phones and tablets has increased. It is therefore imperitive to design a website with these mobile devices in mind and possibly as a priority where business strategy can benefit. You only need a single simple site. No need to stress about a 'mobi' site that we try to avoid and that you should avoid too. Try to cut the unnecessary cost and hassle of the 'mobi' sites.

See our Responsive website in action

To see our responsive website in action, simple grab the corner of the page and resize!


  • Caters for all devices
  • No need for 2 sites to maintain


  • Caters for Mobile Phones Only
  • Need 2 or more sites to maintain

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