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Dynamic Website Design


A dynamic website controls and delivers page content through server side processing and most likely some database interaction. In other words, the delivered HTML, CSS and browser script is not hard coded into html files, the html files are generated on the fly or during run time. Furthermore, dynamic websites allows the customers the ability to manage their own content, this rarely happens as those running the business usually don't have the time to learn and implement theming and content structure on a content management system.

How Synergy Systems can Help?

Contrary to the popular belief amongst web designers and developers, a dynamic website costs less to develop when used in conjunction with one of the main content management systems. Although custom functionality will take more time, skill and cost more to develop. As many Dynamic websites designed with a CMS have people dedicated to creating professional, attractive and user friendly themes, design and customisation of the theme takes much less time as opposed to a static website theme. However, both static and dynamic websites are bound by the fact that content is king. Websites that have juicy, non-repetitive and useful content will be organically ranked by search engines better by google.

Our Dynamic Website Design Philosophy

All our dynamic cms based websites allow you, the client, to be in control of adding and manging your content. You can add events, interesting blog entries and latest happenings in your business. However we have found that clients often prefer us to manage and add content, and this is quite alright with us. If we add and manage content you can be satisfied that the content will be SEO friendly and written in a way that will attract your target market. Our dynamic website designs are smart, SEO friendly, simple, functional and attractive.

What are the Pros and Cons of Dynamic Website Design


  • Lower Recurring Costs
  • Advanced Functionality and Plugins
  • Large Selection of Themes
  • User Registration
  • Anyone can add and manage content


  • Higher Recurring Costs
  • Slower Load Times
  • More expensive hosting cost
  • Assistance may be required at additional cost

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