Some python-based products, services and data analysis projects we work on

Tradement Saas Trading Journal
Trademate Trading Journal

A Saas product offering built with Django.

An online trading journal to log and optimise your trades.

Fast, Test-Driven, Nginx, MySQL, Django 2.1

How to Trade JSE Technical Analysis
How-to-Trade: Stock Charts

A Saas product using a custom python API Client and python requests.

Online Charting and watchlist for JSE Stocks and commodities.

pypi, MySQL, python requests

SARS Queue Length and Wait Time
Sars Queue: Data Visualisation

A data visualisation website.

View and plan your trip to Sars Branches based on the queue length.

django, django rest framework (drf), scapy, MySQL, bootstrap 4

Time Capturing and Leave Management

Multi-tenant Saas Product

Consultancy management, online timesheet and leave capturing.

django, django rest framework (drf), pandas

JSE Stock and How-to-trade portfolio Analytics
JSE correlation and HTT Portfolio analytics

Data cleaning, analysis and visualisation using pandas, jupyter notebooks, mysqlalchemy and matplotlibProduct

Insights from retired Hot-to-trade.co.za portfolios and JSE stock correlations.

pandas, matplotlib

Sars Queue Length Data Science
Sars Queue Insights

Data cleaning, statistical analysis, predictive analysis and visualisations using pandas, jupyter notebooks and matplotlibProduct

Find and predict the best time and which branch to go to when visiting SARS

pandas, matplotlib


Studio Fu
TSF Services and Solutions
Kid Professional Services

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