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Mobile Application Development


Mobile Apps are the perfect way to enhance your customer and business-to-business relationships. A custom mobile application allows customers to interact more easily with your offerings. It also provides a platform to give potencial customers added services and functions.
Above and beyond customer dynamics, mobile apps can also be used to facilitate creative ideas and help businesses and the community in dynamic and interesting ways.
Today, more South Africans – 29 million – use mobile phones than radio (28 million), TV (27 million) or personal computers (6 million). Only 5 million South Africans use landline phones. Many companies, ideas people

Mobile Application Development Philosophy

Our philosophy is to target Android and iOS devices. Windows Mobile, SymbianOS and Blackberry are simply not good enough and do not have enough users for the cost in learning how to develop apps for the platform to be worthwhile.

We primarily create apps that help people (your customers), make their lives easier or provide some form of entertainment, interest or knowledge. If the application does not do that then there is no point to the applciation and it will not be used, and the app usage will not spread organically. The services provided by the application should be aligned with the core business ideas, services and offerings.

Often the simplist applications and games attract the most users.

Our Apps Are:

  • Simple
  • User Friendly
  • Quality
  • Functional
  • Attractive
  • Interesting

Our Mobile Application Development Services:

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