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Search Engine Marketing SEM Paid for Search Results

Search Engine Marketing


What is a SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is utilised by most, if not all, search engines to allow advertisers to pay for their adverts to show up as search results on the search page. The search result adverts show up based on what the user searches for and therefore offers the most accurate targeting of advertisements possible.

How can SEM help my business

Let us use an example, potencial customer is looking for carrot seeds. The customer then goes onto google and types the search term "carrot seeds". Now based on the customers location of South Africa, targeted adverts (shown as search results), are shown above and beside the organic search results. So if you are a seller of carrot seeds, an advert "Carrot Seeds Durban" may show up, the users clicks the ad and you will get the user onto your site. This is much more cost effective than paying for a billboard or another form of advertising, where it may show the advert to 200 000 people a day, of which only 2 need carrot seeds. Clearly an unnecessary expense.

Synergy Systems SEM

Our search Engine Marketing Strategy leverages heavily off Google as it has the highest market share of search traffic. Please view our offerings in the Google Adwords section of the site.

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