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Internet Marketing


First, take a look at the global searches today infographic.

Look specifically at the african continent, looks pretty dark doesn't it. Yet there are a number of skyscrapers in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. To be fair the technology and search space is still not up to scratch with the rest of the world in South Africa. Internet Marketing is still by-and-large an emerging space in South Africa, a new opportunity to grasp, the earlier the better.

Internet marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising and often more goal-oriented, highly targetted and content rich.

Where a billboard may show up to 250 000 people a day, your company logo and a slogan. Internet marketing targets people based on their search, target active searches for your unique and niche products.

Internet Marketing Philosophy

Our philosophy is to keep it simple and content is king.

We will analyse your offerings and your target market. We need to know who your ideal client is and we need to set goals for your website. There is a synergy at work here.

  1. Acquire clients based on the target market
  2. Use search and display network advertsiing to the target market
  3. Use Organic search techniques to deliver quality content to the target market
  4. Provide an intuitive, easy and positive experience for potencial clients on your website
  5. Create goals: viewing contact information, asking for a quote, newsletter signups, placing an order, creating an account, live chat, information comparison
  6. Convert goals
  7. Provide Transparent Reporting on the process
  8. We constantly update and improve on the process based on results

A website and website strategy is a holistic synergised system. There is web design, web development, internet marketing and possibly ecommerce. When all of these sub-systems are working seamlessly, you create a total web solutions. That is our goal, creating total web solutions for your business.

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