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Google Adwords Management Services


What is a Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google's Advertising Program, that helps you grow your business through reaching and influencing more customers.
In layman's terms, adwords lets you serve targetted advertisements to users based on what they type when searching (search term). With this method, your adverts will appear on the first page of a google search however they will be classified as adverts and not organic search. Furthermore there are various methods of bidding for adverts, the most common is PPC (Pay-per-click), whereby you only need to pay when somebody clicks on your advertisement.
Google Adwords lets more targeted customers reach and connectwith your business offering. Google Adwords works hand in hand with your overall website goals and helps customers get in touch, receive a quote or simply learn more about your business. As opposed to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), pay-per-click adwords advertising offers immediate results and more control. It is often desirable for SEO and adwords to complement each other.

Synergy Systems Adwords Campaign Management Philosophy

We try to ensure that the website purpose, goals, target market, bid strategy and all other factors align into creating a holistic adwords strategy. We concentrate on achieving your site's goals within your budget, being frugal, efficient and effective with the budget. We pride ourselves on our continuous keyword and keyphrase research as well as analysis of reports. With google it is possible to record and measure performance so we can constantly improve on areas with undesirable results as well as ensure a continuation of favourable results. We analyse the traffic and report back to you, to be as transparent as possible with your ROI (Return on investment).

Our Google Adwords Management Services

How we ensure your adwords strategy achieves your site goals:

  • Continuous Campaign refinements and optimisations
  • Regular reporting and tracking analysis
  • Rigorous keyword and keyphrase research
  • Competitor Research
  • Deep understanding of your customers (target market)
  • Defining key performance indicators and website purpose
  • Content and landing page refinements where applicable
  • Clear and compelling ads
  • Careful selection of types of ads and bidding strategy

Things to keep in mind about Google Adwords Management

  • Apart from the Adwords and Campaign Setup you need to pay monthly for Ads, this amount is up to you however we recommend that the amount aligns with your business size. R1000 a month would be a minimum
  • Just like SEO, some keywords are very competitive and you may need to increase your bidding amount to increase impressions and clicks, this negatively impacts overall Adspend (monthly cost)
  • Standard and Premium packages require a monthly management fee according to your adspend (10%)
  • If you want Synergy Systems to create the image ads there will be a separate cost incurred depending on the complexity and amount of image advertisements

Synergy Systems Google Adwords Management Packages

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