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We Provide the IT Strategy Consulting and Web Based Project Management Services

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Information Systems Solutions


Synergy Systems is a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide information systems consulting and project management services. Often it is difficult to make use of ICT (Information Communications Technology) in an effective way specifically in alignment with business strategy. Information Systems Optimisation is the act of improving alignment of IT Strategy and Business Strategy. Information Technology can be an important value add and can lead to operational efficiencies and strategic decision making based on business intelligence.

Why do I need Information Systems?

Often we need to step back and look at the business holistically, find the goals and find our niche and competitive edge. It is hard to find these aspects of key performance when there is poor reporting and data collection. Using Business intelligence and analytics allow for enhancement of the multiple subsystems that make up a businesses IT strategy. Yet, without a business strategy there is no IT strategy so it is important for the IT strategy to support and enhance the holistic business strategy. These days informatin is so vast and fast that the information must be managed and analysed to reveal core business efficiencies. Isolating these core efficiencies can lead to a more efficient, effective and innovative solution. Effective use of information systems can be give you a competitive advantage and improve satisfaction of your customers and shareholders.

Types of Information System Solutions Offered

  • Mangement Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence Information Systems
  • Data Capturing, Analysis and Reporting
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