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About Synergy Systems

Synergy Systems is a group of developers and data scientists providing professional services on a contract basis.

Years of experience and perpetual learning allow us to provide robust, fast and lean outcome-based solutions for all industries.

We will get you out of the black hole of proprietary legacy systems managed by overpaid and underperforming consultants.

Errors should never pass silently.

Tim PetersThe Zen of Python

Expert Contractors

Our expertise in development of Saas (Software-as-a-service) products, lean robust test-driven services, fast secure architected infrastructure and insight revealing data analysis is unmatched.

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Our team consists of contractors focused on delivering solid solutions and products that don't lock you in and force you to keep spending into eternity

What we do

  • Saas Products: We build money-making web based applications with python and Django
  • Test-driven Web Services: We architect robust and fast services for data communication, input and exchange
  • Fast Secure Web Systems: Speedy and secure web systems optimised for revenue generation and for people to use effectively
  • Data Analytics: Beautiful insight displaying visualisations backed with precision data capture, cleaning and analysis using python

Readability counts.

Tim PetersThe Zen of Python

Our Technology Stack

python contractors
django contractors
pandas data science contractors
django rest framework developers
matplotlib visualisations
postgres database contracting developers
expert contractors that use git version control
plotly charts contract data analytics
jenkins task runner for config and deploy management
anasible config management contractors
MySQL Database contractors
Flask developers

About Synergy Systems

Synergy Systems brings you highly skilled contract developers and data scientists without the middlemen, bureacracy and recruitment costs. We help you achieve your goals through effective use of technology.

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